terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

As a young player you have a lot of energy, a lot of strength, you are very motivated. But young players are often not good at defending a position; they cannot cope well when fate turns against them. The fact is simply that experience is a central issue. One of the most important things in chess is pattern recognition: the ability to recognise typical themes and images on the board, characteristics of a position and their consequences. To a certain degree you can learn that while training, but there is nothing like playing routine. I have always made sure to get that. I am only 19, but I have certainly already played a thousand games in the classic style. (Magnus Carlsen).

Essa habilidade de reconhecer posições no tabuleiro e suas conseqüências é fundamental para o jogador de xadrez. Sei exatamente o que ele deseja dizer, pois tenho essa intimidade com a música.

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