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Rybka novamente, até quando? Result of the 17th World Computer Chess Championship

Um monstro, 52 cores !

Este hardware, ver foto abaixo, foi usado no freestyle, final de 2006. Na fase classificatória, ganhou todas as partidas, todavia na fase final não obteve êxito. Vale dizer que não é apenas a força do hardware que conta nas disputas do Freestyle. Entretanto, 52 cores, not bad ! (freestyle modalidade na qual o humano faz os movimentos, todavia é permitida a ajuda do computador. Geralmente, quem tem um bom livro de abertura, sai com vantagem, ainda, necessário adotar um bom plano de jogo, por isso quem tem ajuda dos mestres também tem vantagem) . O Brasil esteve presente em vários freestyle, ver http://www.pocketfritz.com/newsprint.asp?newsid=3217 - Bychamp II.

The tie-breaks

Here are the results of the tie-breaks. The stand-alone Rybka engines are given in italics. Due to engine crashes in the main tournament these Rybkas did not play automatically in the tie-breaks, but their moves were executed by hand.

1. Round:EL SHADDAI vs PAKman 2:0Tony Kosten vs Goldbar 1:2Hedgehog vs Ciron-Randori 1,5:0,5Bychamp II vs Zor_champ +:-
2. RoundPoweronoff vs Bychamp II 1,5:0,5Eve®est vs Hedgehog 0,5:1,5EmilV vs Goldbar 1,5:0,5Alansacount vs EL SHADDAI 2:1

A word to the tie-break modus. Two mini-matches had to be played. In the first round the four players of the places 5 to 8 of the main tournament had a bye. They entered the tie-breaks in the second round against the four match winners of place 9 to 16 (9 vs. 16, 10 vs. 15 etc.). Each mini-match consisted of two games with the same time controls as in the main tournament. In case of a 1:1 result only one further game had to be played. Now White had to win in order to qualify, while Black with only 45 minutes on the clock needed just a draw to proceed to the next stage. There were only two of these “sudden death” games, one won by White, the other one by Black. I think, this modus is much better than that one in this previous tournament, when games with much shorter thinking time had to be played, thus giving an advantage to the stand-alone engines. Of course it would be even better if we could avoid tie-break games all together, but if not such games are better than to decide who qualifies using Buchholz points.

Quanto ao resultado, 17ª campeonato mundial, Rybka by Vasik Rajlich, novamente impôs sua força. Veja a classificação final:

fonte: chessbase

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