quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2014

SAG - 68030 - 33 MHz

according Maurice:

"This board is made using solid blocks of walnut and hard maple.
Each square is glued on all four sides. 
Handcrafted, the playing squares are 2-1/4" on this board. 
The board is sanded and finished like a fine piece of furniture with several coats of a clear satin lacquer.  
The shape on the edge is rounded.
This board was done by the Drueke Company. It is a true vintage board.
It was modified as follows:
- eighty one holes of 1mm diameter were drilled giving four leds by square.
- on the right side of the board:
        - two large displays.
        - eight holes for the control leds (5mm diameter).

        - eleven holes for the control copper buttons."

The journal on ChessEval is open to collectors. There are several quality issues available for consult. thanks to Maurice


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Antonio Marques disse...

Oswaldo, deixa ver se eu entendi, isso é um tabuleiro novo, em estilo vintage, imitando o EAG, mas com o programa EAG "tunado"?