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Stockfish 2.0 - Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz x Chess Genius on Ipaq 6515 - 312 MHz

Chess Game is fork of drodfish developed by Peter Osterlund but with tiny adjustament of the user interface. You can find the project information at http://sourceforge.net/procjects/openchesssource. And you are wellcome to redistribute the game under GPLv3 *

*GNU General Public License (GPLv3), the term "the Program" means one particular work that is licensed under GPLv3 and is received by a particular licensee from an upstream licensor or distributor)

Um teste entre meu Ipaq 6515 com Chess Genius rodando no Ipaq 6515 @ 300 MHz contra Stockfish 2.0 rodando no mobile xperia (android) com processador de 1 GHz, sem contar que já existe o mobile Xperia com dois núcleos, rodando @ 1,4 GHz!

from Chess Base: 

Aqueles que gostam de estudar, não deixem de ler sobre a nova função do Fritz 13

"Engine analysis has changed chess forever. This is so obvious that many aspects are now taken for granted. For instance, a slow engine on an old notebook does not always tell the truth, and yet people only wait a few seconds before uncritically making the recommended move. Popular positions are analysed by thousands of players over and over again. This means an immense amount of time and electrical enetgy, both of which are finite ressources. Fritz offers help. Every position that has been analysed by anyone at any time is voluntarily saved on a server. The possible engine variations are then available to everyone who looks at this position. We call this system „Let's Check" because detailed analysis can be gained immediately without investing any time."

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Outro programa legal, que da para colocar varias engines é :